Sometimes outdoor furniture may not be enough to provide a complete or wholesome look to your garden. Like any room in your home, where you add accessories like decoration items or wall hangings, similarly gardens also need to be accessorised.

We offer a wide collection of accessories such as stylish planters, maze storage boxes, extravagant gazebos, parasols, efficient gas patio heaters and table top heaters that will enhance the look and feel of your garden. Amongst the different accessories we provide, the most popular ones are storage boxes as they play a dual role when it comes to decorating your garden. Storage boxes are not only efficient in storing away all of your unnecessary items but can also act as an extra piece of furniture for seating. Storage boxes come in all kinds of sizes and designs to best suit your storage needs. Mode Living’s range of efficient heaters allows you to enjoy the outdoors even on a chilly day. We guarantee that these heaters are environment-friendly and will not increase your utility bills. Last but not the least our range of beautiful planters which are colour coordinated to match with your garden furniture, will give a sophisticated look to your vegetation. You can transfer beautiful, colourful plants from dull and boring planters into our stylish and trendy planters which will change the overall look of your garden. You can position these planters alongside your furniture or at positions where they will receive a focal view. Mode Living provides customised range of accessories to go along with your coordinating sofa sets or dining sets, to keep them long-lasting and durable during harsh climates. Our rattan accessories will compliment and upgrade the style and design of your gardens.

You can now add these accessories to your garden which include stunning sculptors and beautiful decorative planters, all for an enchanting and mesmerising garden. Through these ornate figurines you would be able to revolve your garden into a sanctuary that boasts a relaxing and calming atmosphere. At Mode Living, you may find our contemporary range of accessories to add an aesthetic value to your garden, turning it into a personal retreat where you can choose to unwind and enjoy the pleasant evening. You may also enjoy the sun bath in the afternoons while you listen to the birds chirping. For the ultimate garden finishing, browse through the numerous range of accessories we provide, to create a lively and sophisticated outdoor living space.

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