Sofa Sets

Gardens are personal havens for a lot of people; they are now focusing more and more on exterior decor as they do on interior decor. You will find that people enjoy staying outdoors as much as they do indoors and so are keen on possessing garden essentials, when it comes to designing their outdoor space. You can now enjoy all your garden pursuits with our exclusive range of rattan sofa sets; they are suitable to create a relaxing and soothing ambience for you and your guests. Whether it is a cup of coffee during winter nights or a summer BBQ party you have to host, you can now feel cosy and unwind in our wide collection of garden sofas that provide comfortable seating and snug cushions to give you an everlasting experience. We at Mode Living, provide products incorporate style and design with functionality, if you have a flare for an elegant and luxury taste than select from our Victorian sets and if you have a preference for classic taste than select from our Winchester weave rattan sofa sets. Depending upon the amount of space in your garden, we provide a wide selection of sofa sets that will not cluster your space but utilise it efficiently and aesthetically. At Mode Living, sofa sets come in all kinds of sizes and designs, you can select from 2, 3 or 7 seat sofa sets. According to your space specification, if it is a large space then you can buy a 7 seat sofa set, or if space is not a luxury, you can choose from 2 seat sofa sets. The most popular sofa sets are the round ones, but they require ample amount of space. Round sofa sets provide a feel of grandeur and can be a focal point in the garden.

Mode Living’s sofa sets are low- maintenance and made of finest quality. Our sofa sets come accompanied with removable covers which are shower-proof and can be washed without any hassle. Outdoor furniture require being 100% weather-proof, our vast collection of sofa sets not only cater to your design specifications but can also withstand harsh weather conditions. All our sofa sets come with a 5-year guarantee so you can rest assure for quality and craftsmanship. For any kind of outdoor activity, select from our bistro sets or corner sets to furnish your garden and give it a lively look. We are available to help you select the appropriate outdoor furnishings that will satisfy your design and taste.